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Super Comp - Dragster Licensing


This course will be taught over a one-day period, starting in the classroom. Dragster and Door Car classes are taught at the same time, which gives students a well-rounded view of how both cars operate. Our cars are state-of-the-art and equipped with the latest electronics. They are powered by big-block Chevys with Electric Shifted Powerglide Transmissions.

We'll start by discussing basic safety, instruments, gauges and proper operational procedures.

Each student will be fitted with the proper safety equipment, which includes helmet, pants, jacket, neck collar, gloves and arm restraints. Students will then be assigned a race car. All instruction is step-by-step. Safety is foremost and all operational procedures are thoroughly covered.

These procedures include starting the car, shifting into all gears, and getting acquainted with the cockpit. Pit area driving safety will also be discussed. This is the time for students to ask questions. Our next step is to go to the track.

Students will begin at the starting line by doing a burnout and staging their cars. We will begin with short full-throttle runs and progress to longer runs based on each driver's ability.

Students then return to the classroom where they will review their runs and discuss more advanced procedures like shallow and deep staging, reaction time, activating the parachute, and good driver judgement. After the classroom session, students then return to the track to continue with training

Each driver will make 6 runs, with additional runs available on a pay per run basis.

Once your driving skills are approved and the completed number of run lengths have been performed, you will earn your NHRA Competition License.  This course is offered at all of our scheduled locations.  Please call for availability. 

Price: $1,995.00 $1,595.00

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