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Junior Dragster Licensing


This course will be taught with both students and parents in attendance. We will start in the classroom where we will get to know each other and begin with the very basics – safety equipment and how to properly wear it, seatbelts, controls, and proper operational procedure of the car. When we feel comfortable that we have laid the groundwork, we will head into the pits where each student will get fitted into a car. All drivers will now get suited up and with their parents’ assistance get belted into the car. It is important that the parents stay involved throughout the entire program so they learn the proper methods of being involved. We will now have the students utilize the controls such as steering and braking while being towed throughout the pit area, which will also allow them to get used to the turning radius of a dragster.

We will then proceed to the starting line to discuss burnout and staging procedures. At this time we will make a demonstration run for all students to observe which will be followed by a question and answer session. Drivers’ will again get suited up and belted in. We will start the car without a belt and have the driver shut the motor off to confirm they will know what to do in an emergency situation, or if they just feel uncomfortable. Each student will then do a burnout, stage the car and a short launch driving to an instructor approximately 100 feet down the track enabling them to get used to the car while still keeping their first run at a safe distance. We will continue runs throughout the day, critiquing each one. We will keep runs short until we feel comfortable letting students go further. All drivers will progress at different levels and they should not be intimidated by another students’ progress.

Additional classroom time includes, reviewing the runs from and going into more detail of what it takes to become a competitive driver - proper staging, reaction time, finding the groove, and driving top end. We will then head back to the track to practice what we just learned. Some drivers throughout the course may get the chance to drive a faster car that fits their age bracket better but not until the instructor feels the student is ready. During the class, our instructors will point out things that are important for the parents to be aware of so they understand what it takes to run and tune one of these cars. If we are able to progress forward, we will end the class with each student making a few side by side runs, preparing them for competition.

Jr Dragster Licensing

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