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MOORESVILLE, N.C. (October 23) – Former Top Fuel driver Doug Foley announced today the rebranding of his Doug Foley's Drag Racing Experience. The program, now known as the Pure Speed Drag Racing Experience, will undergo a series of changes to conclude the 2013 season. A partnership with The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and a brand-new website, including a state-of-the-art booking system, top the list of changes.

“There are several changes included in the rebranding of our company, but one of the biggest changes was improving the customer’s experience, from making the booking process easier to giving them something to take away from their time at one of Pure Speed’s events. We added several new locations and dates, including weekends, making it easier for customers to attend events. On-board video cameras have been added to the cars, allowing guests to take home a video of their Pure Speed experience. We have launched a new website that was designed with the intention of making the customer’s booking process as simple as possible,” said Doug Foley, president of Pure Speed Drag Racing Experience. Read the full article ...

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Race Car Rentals

Here at Doug Foley's Drag Racing School we have been offering Dragster and Door Car Rentals in the sportsman classes since the late 90's.  Whether it is bracket Racing or National or Divisional Super Class Racing, we have the program to fit your needs.  One of our instructors will transport the car to each event on your schedule, assist you through the tech inspection, and prepare the car for qualifying.  He will be there to assist with electronic set up such as throttle stops and delay boxes and will view each run, giving you tips on any improvements that would make you more competitive.  Our staff will create a rental program that best fits the region of the country you would like to compete in, the type of car and quantity of races.  We can offer licenseing in that category if you have not already accomplished that.


Please give us a call about rentals 1-866-DRAGSTER